MiMeTICS engineering

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MiMeTICS engineering offers to its clients and partners its know-how and its expertise in complex contact systems modelling.

MiMeTICS engineering use the innovative modelling approach of the Discrete Element Method to deal with complex engineering problems. This modelling framework enables to model structures with a very detailed description so that it enables to reach very accurate simulations.

MiMeTICS engineering use the open-source software LMGC90 which is developed by the LMGC (mechanical and civil engineering laboratory) located in Montpellier. The research laboratory, from whom MiMeTICS engineering is a spin-off, supports the company.


Futhermore, the company is awarded of the status of young innovative company (JEI). MiMeTICS engineering is approved for Research Tax Credit (CIR approval) from the French ministry of Higher education and Research as a company providing research.