Industry has to face with new major issues (standardisation and improvement of industrial processes, risk reduction, etc. ) which have a deep economical impacts. Industry has to go deeper in their practice and understanding of their systems. Consequently, the needs of industry in terms of numerical modelling changed to deal with these new issues.

To tackle with these increasingly complex issues, industry has to use more and more sophisticated and innovative modelling approaches and tools from the academic research area. Engineering firms which use classical modelling approaches do not adequately respond to this increasing need.


MiMeTICS engineering is developing its activity at the interface between academic research and high-value-added engineering by using research tools to deal with engineering issues. Those approaches include the Discrete Element Method and the software LMGC90 particularly.

LMGC90 is developed by the LMGC (machanical and civil engineering laboratory). Rather than simply using the software for studies, MiMeTICS engineering aims to help to develop the software LMGC90 and contribute to its promotion in industry.

MiMeTICS engineering wants to be a privileged partner for key accounts by providing to its clients specific research or engineering studies based on the use of the LMGC90 software.

Partnership with the LMGC

MiMeTICS engineering is supported by the LMGC. The partnership between the research laboratory and MiMeTICS engineering is at the heart of the company project and is developed with :

▪ occasional assistance from the development team of the LMGC90 software (technical support) to MiMeTICS,
▪hiring of enough young graduates and doctors from the LMGC and the University of Montpellier,
▪scientific collaboration projects with the LMGC (internship / PhD thesis / postdoctoral position),
▪ participation in research projects (ANR, etc.).