Software solutions

Numerical tools developed by MiMeTICS engineering aim to hide the complexity of the use of Discrete Element Method regarding the different steps of the modelling process (pre-processing, processing, post-processing). The aim is to provide to our clients tools which allow to perform adapted simulations quickly and easily and to draw relevant analysis and conclusions regarding studied issues.

Implementation of a software dedicated to the modelling of masonry structures under seismic load

Following this philosophy, MiMeTICS engineering developed a first simulation tool dedicated to the modelling of masonry structures under seismic loads. Thanks to a graphical interface users can easily and quickly describe the main characteristics of masonry buildings to be modelled. Data collected are automatically processed to generate a discrete model, to execute the calculation in an optimized manner and to prepare the analysis of the results. These analysis provided are adapted to the specificities of studied issues.

A solution adjustable in other study fields

The implementation of such a numerical tool is adjustable to many others types of structures (bridges, retaining wall, dams, embankments, tunnels, etc.) and to many others loading actions (differential settlement, lateral loading, etc.). These solutions are also adjustable to other fileds of study (granular physics, rock mass, etc.).