Our Team

Paul TAFOREL  Co-founder and CEO of MIMETICS  engineering

Graduated from the Mines Engineering School of Alès in civil engineering, Doctor of the University of Montpellier 2 in mechanical and civil engineering.

After being graduated as an engineer, P. Taforel started a PhD thesis in the mechanical and civil engineering laboratory (LMGC) in Montpellier. Having completed his PhD, he first worked on a postdoctorate for the SNCF and then worked on several research projects (ANR Monumentum, RioTinto Alcan) as a non-permanent staff member.

During all these years P. Taforel worked on Discrete Element Method and had been trained to numerical modelling on the software LMGC90 in particular. His background as an engineer lead him to conduct an applied research at the interface between academic research and engineering ; which is is exactly the positioning where MiMeTICS engineering aims to develop its activity.


Frédéric DUBOIS Co-founder of MIMETICS  engineering

Doctor in mechanic of the University of the Méditerranée,
Research engineer (CNRS) et co-director of the Mechanical and Civil Engineering Laboratory (LMGC) in Montpellier.

Frédéric Dubois is the architect and the leading developer of the software LMGC90 dedicated to the modelling of complex systems in interaction. He was recognized by the CNRS in 2007 for his work on the software by been awarded with a Cristal.

F. Dubois is an expert in mechanical modelling and computing science. He is responsible for the supervision of numerous thesis and is participating in many research projects.


Rémy MOZUL Co-founder of MIMETICS  engineering

Graduated from the Engineering School of Marseille (ESIM)
Research engineer (CNRS) in the Mechanical and Civil Engineering Laboratory (LMGC) in Montpellier.

Rémy Mozul manages the computational resources of the laboratory and contributes to the development of the software LMGC90. A part of his work on the software aims to make the software more friendly for users by dealing with the problems related to the configuration of the software and its installation.

R. Mozul has a very technical profile. He acquired his expertise by working on different research projects in INRIA or in the LMGC.