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LMGC90 is an open-source software developed by the LMGC (Mechanical and Civil Engineering Laboratory), a research laboratory of the University of Montpellier and of the CNRS). The software implement the Discrete Elment Method NSCD « Non Smooth Contact Dynamics ».


The LMGC90 software is dedicated to the modelling of large objects collections in interaction. It enables to simulate complex systems thanks to sophisticated and very detailed models. Each object modeled is defined through out its own geometry and a proper behaviour is associated to each body. A wide range of models (rigid, elastic, elasto-plastic, etc.) may be used to model objects behaviours. Moreover behaviours between objects are modeled by using many contacts law (friction, cohesion, etc.).


One of the particularities and specificities of the software is to manage to mix several behaviours and different contact laws during a same simulation. This allows developing sophisticated models and leads consequently to higher representation levels. However using the software needs a real expertise in the different steps of modelling from data settings for models to simulations analysis.

Granular physicsrock massmasonry buildings

The architecture of the software has been thought to facilitate computing codes coupling and interfacing. LMGC90 has been already coupled with other softwares in different research projects (Saladyn, PELIGRIFF, etc.).

FEM-DEM coupling [SALADYN project ] – fluid-grains coupling [PELIGRIFF]

LMGC90 is an interdisciplinary modelling tool. The high level of sophistication in models and the coupling possibilities make possible to deal with a wide range of engineering issues.

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LMGC90 is developed in academic research purpose and is mainly used by research laboratory in France or abroad. However, the software, which can be used to perform complex modeling, is more and more widely used, especially in industry to deal with engineering issues, both in research departments or in engineering.

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